Product introduction

Incidental equipment group


  • Auto Temperature control

    A function that automatically controls the heating temperature to be fed back to approach the target temperature.
    (accuracy ±5~10℃)

  • Feed speed auto correction

    A function that keep the feeder speed constantly and adjust to the press speed.

  • Dry out the refractory automatically

    A function that dry out the refractory automatically with “heat” mode

  • Automatic Billet preparation

    Function to Feed billets to entrance of coil automatically.

  • Material size detector

    Function to measure material diameter and material length during material conveyance
    (measurement accuracy, material diameter: ± 0.5mm, material length: ± 1.0mm)
    Use with a weight sorter to increase accuracy.

  • Other Function

    ■Heating intensity display

    ■Coil identification function

    ■Recommended current value calculation

    ■Heating correction function (Initial heating, billet clean out, Heat retention)

    ■Weight sorter Interface

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