Open the Way to the
Future of Forged Heating

Our high-efficiency induction heater has achieved energy efficiency improvement and more efficient productivities.
We listens Customer Feedback past 50 years, We provide our customers better product and services. We continue to offer advanced technology and production.



Start from the combustion furnace, and thanks to the history of 50 years and the cooperation of 400 companies nationwide, Now Development of the Highly effective induction heating device and a prompt system of maintenance can be built.
The reduction of the repairing cost will be aimed at by developing of the energy conservation device and strengthening maintenance in the future, and the best externals in which it can contribute to the development the customer ahead are carried out.

Company profile

Repair and maintenance

  1. We offer onsite technical support.※Charter fares are additional needed.
  2. We repair of all maker of induction coil.
  3. We offer ceramic sleeve type coils.


Feature of product

Induction heating system of UCHINO

Feature of UCHINO product that excels in productivity and cost performance and considers environment.

Feature of product

Human resources that support Uchino

Our property are staff members

We are a company that manufactures and sells our own products, responding to everything from sales to development, design and maintenance.
Introduce staff members who are not merely working as a cog in the corporate machine, but who demonstrate their creativity and face work.

Human resources that support Uchino

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