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“Human Power” and

Our Most Important Asset is Human Resources.

We always create the best technology demanded by the times. The most important factor to realize this mission is the human resources who enthusiastically strive to be the best, and those professional employees are our driving force. Based on the concept of “Trusting” and “Loving” our employees, we wish to be a place where all of them will genially and earnestly cooperate for mutual prosperity.

We think about the future and will pursue to create the devices that the times truly demand.

Regional environmental preservation has been proposed recently.
In the field of electronic development, it should be possible not only to seek for higher performance but also to realize even safer and more eco-friendly technologies. We aim to become a company that thinks about the future and remains one step ahead.

Our technological capability and original production system display the shape of our progress.

In order to provide our customers with products which exactly their needs, we internally complete the whole process from receipt of order, (mechanical and electrical) design, can-making, assembly (inverter, mechanical, coil) and pilot operation to maintenance.
On the concept of high-quality produced with our creative idea and progressive technology, we always offer prompt and responsible services for development, design and after-sales services.

Further Evolution of USH Series

Our flagship USH series have been evolved to NFF and HI series that were developed by using the latest technology of IGBT. In the future, we will work in research and development for better devices which anticipate the needs on the concept of highly-efficient and small-volume multi-kind production, aiming at producing even more advanced products.

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