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“We serve the customers‘ needs and provide the system and service that they truly want.“

What our customers really expect from UCHINO Co., Ltd. Is “Energy Saving” , “Productivity Improvement” , “Cost Reduction” and “Global Vision”.
Based on these viewpoints, we have been developing new systems and technologies.
Thanks to the valuable comments from our customers, our latest products have made a significant progress compared to the former models.
Not remaining contented with the current situation, however, our entire company will cooperate and work together with our customers on another new development to create something that really meets customers’ demands.

Company policy

Reliance and cooperation: To build up a company that will develop new and original technologies, produce reliable technologies and products, and endlessly continue to make great advances with strength of individuality and enthusiasm.


The greatest resource of a
company are its.

Our company policy is "reliance and cooperation".
Among the three elements of business management, we think the most important of these element is the human. We hope that our company will be a place where employees are relied upon, highly respected, always congenial and earnest in mutual prosperity. We wish to develop and utilize each employee's background and other abilities in order to be a streamlined, efficient, and stable company, and stabilize and improve people's lives in connection with our company activities.

Management must innovate,
develop and expand.

Innovation is a human challenge to establish new order in the world with risk or while taking on that risk, and we think it is the way of our company management principles. We wish to live in modesty whether facing difficult or favorable situations.

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