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Our company is a company that manufactures and sells its own products, handling sales, development, design, manufacturing (mechanical, electrical), installation, maintenance in one part.
Therefore, each individual does not work as a cog in the corporate machine , but has all the power they have,You will have a rewarding job. Our company's property is staff member.

Application Requirements

Job Category Administrative / Sales / General Affairs
Engineering / Manufacturing technology, R & D, Mechanical design, Electrical design
Recruitment Department Administrative / All departments
Engineering / Electricity (especially in the power electronics field), electronics, machinery (mechanical design), industry, etc.
Selection Job interview
Emphasis is placed on interviews and person-oriented recruitment.
Documents to be submitted work history
Application 5-23 5-chome, Minamitsumori, Nishinari-ku, Osaka City 557-0063,Japan
TEL: 06-6657-0100
Responsible: General Affairs Department

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