Product introduction

Incidental equipment group

Loss decrease recommendation device

  • CPU control system

    By registering the recipe, anyone can operate under the optimum conditions. By setting the initial heating, it is possible to start forging from several rejected billets, leading to a reduction in the amount of rejected billets.

  • Pushrod device

    • Dummy bar hanging type

    • 2- split Dummy bars hanging type

    • Dummy bar Slide side type

    It is enabled to heat it up to the last one billet in the coil so that the material of beginning combustion may decrease. It is a device that is the best for a many varieties small lot, and can correspond to the market diversification.

  • Coil shift device (two ream type and three ream type)

    • two ream type

    • three ream type

    Each coil set shuttles into position with the touch of a button.
    Coil Shuttles improve productivity by providing for two sets of coils for two different part ranges.

  • Pulling out conveyer device

    • Roller extractor and conveyer

    • Unti-billet sticking

    I will decrease the welding material by instantaneously pulling out the heated material on the exhaust side of the coil.

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